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What a joyous occasion! Is there anything more excited than getting a new puppy? The arrival of a new pet is usually something that has been anticipated, but even so, it’s important to remember that the new family member in your home will involve changes for everyone.




Before actually bringing the puppy home it’s necessary to properly prepare for its arrival. Whether or not you already have a dog, make sure that the new puppy is going to have its own food and water dishes, bed, and a few toys. Furthermore, it’s important to have a collar and leash, training treats, and a crate.


The crate that you purchase for your new puppy is important as it is a major training tool. Every dog is different and some puppies can be especially nervous in a new place so the crate will serve as your puppy’s safe place. Try to choose a crate that has a divider so that as the puppy grows you can expand its space. A good way to know that a crate is big enough is if the puppy can turn around and lay down.


If you have other pets then it’s a good idea to place the new puppy’s items in the house before it actually arrives. This way the change in the household can be more gradual and everyone has a bit of time to adapt.


First Day


It’s easy to want to hover and spend every minute with your new puppy on the first day. However, it’s important that you let them safely explore your home. Put the leash on its collar and simply let it drag the leash around as it sniffs out its new home. Avoid overwhelming them by simply sitting on the floor and observing it has it explores, making sure that it is not getting into anything that it shouldn’t. 


If you have other dogs it might be a good idea to let them meet the new puppy somewhere else that is neutral, such as a park or a neighbours lawn.


First 2 Weeks


After a little over a week, the puppy will be comfortable and feel safe in its new home. This is the time when it may begin to test boundaries and push the limits by barking, chewing, or having accidents.


Remember to be patient. Dogs love to please, but mistakes are inevitable as they grow. Stay consistent with the training and make sure that you’re keeping on schedule with veterinarian visits.