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Dogs are man’s best friend however, it’s not very pleasant when they bark at the neighbours, chew on shoes, or ignore basic commands. Bad behaviour is bound to happen, so what can you do to fix your dog’s bad habits?


There are many studies that suggest using positive reinforcement to train dogs, particularly when they’re young. Positive reinforcement involves ignoring your dog when he behaves badly and rewarding him for the good behaviour that you like. The method conveys a message to your dog that there are specific behaviours that are acceptable and others that are unacceptable.


It’s important that dog owners understand how to reinforce good habits. Using positive reinforcement when a dog is a puppy is the best way to help your pet grow into a great, well-mannered member of your household. 


Here are a few tips to encourage good behaviour in your dog.




Everyone feels good when they’re praised and rewarded. Dogs are no exception! Every time your dog does something good, praise him and give him a nice pat on his head. Not only will praising your dog help to strengthen your bond, but it will also encourage good behaviour. Buy treats to give your dog each time he does something good. While dogs love food, they especially enjoy treats. Try getting them a treat that is particularly tasty and only give your dog one when he does something that you wanted him to.


Spend time


This one sounds obvious, but it’s imperative that you’re regularly spending time with your dog. Currently, it’s much easier than usual to take time each day and spend quality time with our pets. No dog should ever feel neglected, as they truly do want our approval. Make sure that you’re setting aside a healthy amount of time for a walk each day. The length of time you should walk your dog depends on the size and breed. Furthermore, avoid yelling when the dog does something bad. Punishment can often make a situation worse and confuse the dog. Patience is key!




Dogs thrive when they are mentally stimulated. Activities such as obedience training are a great way to promote our dog’s growth. One great game is hiding treats. Take a few of your dog’s favourite treats and hide them around the house. This activity gives the dog a lot of excitement and keeps them stimulated, which can help to improve their behaviour.