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Everyone knows what dogs generally love doing outside; taking your dog running, swimming, or visiting the park are activities most dogs will consistently enjoy. However, if you’re looking for something different to do with your furry best friend, several engaging activities can provide an extra challenge for your dog and give you a break from routine.


You may have seen dogs participating in agility competitions before, but using an agility course can be suitable for all dogs, whether or not it’s something you’re looking to pursue professionally. You can enroll your dog in a local agility class or buy yourself a backyard agility course if you prefer. Agility helps dogs mentally and physically, teaching new skills and allowing your pet to use muscles they wouldn’t usually.

Freestyle Musical Dance

A fun new activity you can try with your dog is freestyle musical dance! This unusual exercise requires a lot of patience, practice, and coordination on the part of both dog and owner. It can provide a unique challenge that allows you both to participate in something fun and creative to show off in the future– there’s even an international competition if you find it’s something you enjoy!

Scent Work

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and giving them a chance to use it is a fantastic opportunity for enrichment. You can hide treats in boxes around your yard and let your dog sniff them out, or, for something simpler, hide your pet’s favorite aromatic chew and let them find it. As they get better at locating their treats, you can gradually increase the difficulty. This activity can be very demanding for dogs, so be sure to let them have a break every 10 minutes and give them easy access to water.

Everything you do is more fun when your dog is there, but it’s important to consider the needs of your canine companion and give them things to do that will be both fun and stimulating. Next time you’re interested in trying something new with your best friend, consider a less conventional activity and give your dog some unexpected excitement.