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6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer


Many people cannot wait for the warm summer weather to arrive and get outdoors. While everyone should be careful when the temperature climbs, it is important to remember to keep your dogs safe, too. Once a dog’s body temperature reaches 107 F, heatstroke can set in and cause their organs to begin failing, which can lead to a horrible death. Here are six tips to help keep dogs safe and cool this summer.


1. Keep Dogs Inside as Much as Possible


During extreme heat, dogs must be kept inside as much as possible during the day. Schedule walking times to cooler times, such as the morning or evening, as the sun goes down.


2. Create Shaded Areas Outdoors


Having shaded areas outdoors can help keep dogs more comfortable in the heat. Shade trees can be a natural solution. However, when trees are not available, a portable sunshade or pop-up canopy may suffice. When possible, adding a misting system can increase the cooling effect.


3. Add Cool-Down Spots to Yard


Adding a yard sprinkler or small plastic wading pool to a backyard can bring cooling relief to a dog. Pools should be refilled daily and not filled too high. Dogs mustn’t be left unsupervised while outside with a pool.


4. Provide Dogs with Plenty of Water


Dogs need to have plenty of fresh water during hot weather. Water should always be brought along for walks to avoid overheating and dehydration. Setting dog water stations around the yard will help keep pets hydrated and cool.


5. Keep Dogs at a Healthy Weight


It is more difficult for dogs who are overweight to keep cool when it is hot. Flat-faced breeds are at an even higher risk of heat-related illness if they are overweight. It is important to keep pets at their ideal weight to keep them healthy by not overfeeding or giving too many treats. When in doubt, consult a veterinarian.


6. Protect Paws from Hot Pavement


Before heading out for a walk, it is critical to test the pavement for heat with the back of a hand. If the pavement is too hot for a hand after five to seven seconds, it is too hot for a dog’s paws. Dog booties are the best option to protect paws from hot pavement if dogs must be walked in the heat.


Summer is a great time for pet owners to get outdoors and have fun with their dogs. By following these six tips, pets can be kept cool and safe this summer.